Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids!

Even though they’re going to fall out sooner or later, children’s first set of teeth are important and should be cared for as diligently as adult teeth. We specialize in early dental care at Pediatric Dental Care.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the single most common problem in children’s teeth is cavities. According to one study, sixty percent of kids in the United States have at least one cavity by the age of five, and one of every five kids has untreated tooth decay.

What To Do?

Those are worrisome numbers. When kids are little it’s up to their parents or other caregivers to prevent tooth decay. Here is what you can do:

Have A Good Dental Care Routine.

Children should brush their teeth twice a day. This goes for grownups, too, and starting when they’re still young establishes a valuable routine.

Start Early.

Kids should have their teeth brushed as soon as the first tooth comes in.
Limit juice and milk. We think of these† things as healthy, but they contain sugar. The worst cases of childhood tooth decay begin when kids go to bed with a bottle or sippy cup of juice or milk.

Have Regular Checkups.

Children should see the dentist as soon as their teeth come in, or by their first birthday, whichever comes first.

At Pediatric Dental Center, we stress the importance of early dental care and regular checkups. Parents from know they can trust our pediatric dentistry. Please schedule a checkup with us today!

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