Why Choose Us

We provide a great experience for our children and parents. From convenient locations to an outstanding environment, we do everything in our power to provide excellent pediatric dentistry!


Smiling boy is happy he goes to a quality pediatric dentist in Burlington, KY.The Pediatric Dental Center has multiple locations for your convenience. At any location, you will discover a wide range of services to suit all of your child’s needs. We are your trusted one-stop shop for dentistry! Whatever treatment is needed, you can rest assured that your child will be treated with respect and care.


Our pediatric dentists are both experienced and board-certified. They have specialized training so that they understand your child’s needs for comfort and deliver optimal results for your child.

Our practice is completely mercury-free. We only do composite fillings and stainless steel crowns. Our materials lend themselves to better results while keeping your child safe.

At The Pediatric Dental Center, we set standards of care very high. We cater every part of your experience to your unique needs and goals.

After your first appointment, we will provide you with a packet of information about preventative care so you know exactly what to do at home.

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Each patient is given a call the day before their appointment to go over any questions or concerns. We want you to feel prepared for your appointment, and we are happy to make accommodations to make you and your child more comfortable.

All new patients are scheduled with their parent in a private room. We know dentistry can be intimidating, so it’s our goal to take all of the unpleasantness out of it. We want your child to feel safe! We go above and beyond with our environment, patient amenities, and staff behavior to facilitate comfort.

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We pride ourselves on our fun environment! Kids like coming into our office. There are things for them to look at and activities to do. They have entertainment options and various amenities to keep them comfortable and distracted from any anxiety.

We believe in education, and we know how to make it fun. We speak in simple terms to encourage your child to brush and floss correctly at home.

Come explore your new dental home!

We want to develop a great relationship with you while creating a healthy and radiant smile for your child. We look forward to seeing each of our patients and we make sure each visit is enjoyable and useful. Schedule an appointment today to find out why The Dental Pediatric Center is a great place for your child’s smile to grow!