Restorative Dentistry

Dental Restorations

Composite Fillings

Northern Kentucky kid jumps for joy before her appointment with a pediatric dentist in Cold Spring, KY.Pediatric Dental Center offers composite fillings that match the color of the tooth. When decay is discovered early, we are able to use very conservative fillings. Composite fillings have superior characteristics to traditional silver fillings. In addition, they match the color of the tooth. While we always try to do the most conservative treatment option, some teeth are too badly decayed to hold a composite filling. These teeth require complete coverage with stainless steel crowns. The doctors are happy to discuss with you the advantages and limitations of each treatment to identify which would be best for your child.


Stainless steel crowns are used as the restoration of choice when decay is too large to be fixed with a filling or when cavities are on several surfaces of the teeth. Our dentists will discuss with you the advantages and limitations of each treatment to identify which would be best for your child.


While tooth extractions are done only as a last resort, they can be necessary in some instances of disease or trauma. In addition, some extractions are needed for orthodontic reasons, to help guide the eruption and alignment of your child’s permanent teeth. If a primary molar is removed prematurely, a space maintainer may be inserted to make sure there is enough space into which the permanent tooth can grow.

Space Maintainers

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Children may need space maintainers if they lose a tooth early or have a primary tooth extracted due to dental decay. If either is the case, it is important to know the benefits of using a space maintainer and how it can help support your child’s dental health.

A space maintainer is an appliance that is custom-made and cemented into your child’s mouth. Its purpose is to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place. Baby teeth are important to the development of the teeth, jaw bones and muscles and help to guide permanent teeth into position when the baby teeth are lost. If a space is not maintained, then teeth can shift into the open space and orthodontic treatment may be required. Not every child who loses a baby tooth early or to dental decay requires a space maintainer. We will discuss this with you and determine if a space maintainer is needed.


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