Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington and Cold Spring uses dental sealants to prevent cavities in children.Dental sealants are a fast and affordable way to prevent tooth decay in children. Dental sealants are one of the best ways to avoid cavities and help to prevent fillings, crowns, and extractions in the future.

What are dental sealants?

Sealants are a safe plastic material that is placed over the chewing surface of permanent molars. The deep groves of molars are the most susceptible areas of decay in permanent teeth. Dental sealants smooth out the pits and fissures of the teeth, providing an even chewing surface. They help prevent cavities in teeth by keeping bacteria out of the deep grooves and making the tooth easier to brush.

Why are dental sealants good for kids?

Kids have difficulty reaching their back molars and cleaning them thoroughly. This is why dentists recommend dental sealants for children. Older patients who are prone to plaque buildup in the back of their mouths may also benefit from dental sealants.

Kids who are more susceptible to cavities due to genetics, diet, or oral health habits should consider getting dental sealants.

How does a tooth sealant work?

The tooth sealant smooths out the grooves and fissures in the teeth that tend to hide food particles and bacteria, literally sealing out food and plaque. Sealants are easy to place and require no numbing medication or alteration of the tooth structure. Sealants typically last for 3-5 years, but some dietary habits, such as chewing ice or hard candy, can cause them to wear down more quickly.

Children in Northern Kentucky can prevent cavities with a tooth sealant.How long do dental sealants last?

You can expect your tooth sealant to last for several years with proper care. We will examine the sealants during regular check-ups and can touch up the sealants as needed. Sealants are typically replaced on first permanent molars when second permanent molars are being sealed around age 12.

Do dental sealants really prevent cavities in children?

Dental sealants are proven to reduce the risk of cavities in children. In fact, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars. This is especially important when it comes to your child’s dental health. In fact, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars. In October 2016, the Centers for Disease Control released a report on the importance of sealants for school-aged children, of which only 43% of children ages 6-11 have. According to the CDC, “school-age children without sealants have almost three times more cavities than children with sealants.”

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