How Do You Know If Your Child Needs a Dental Space Maintainer Appliance?

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Dental space maintainers (or spacers) are devices used for kids who have lost some baby teeth but their permanent teeth have a while before they will grow in. We can place them, at Pediatric Dental Center.

They hold space for the appropriate adult teeth to grow in. They also prevent the remaining adjacent baby teeth from moving into the open space.

It is important to ask us about using a space maintainer appliance anytime a child loses their baby teeth early. This is especially imortant when it’s in the back of the mouth, where there may be less room for adult teeth to develop and erupt.

What do space maintainers look and feel like?

Space maintainers are custom-made of acrylic or metal. The look somewhat like a retainer used after orthodontia. Some have rubber bands or metal springs. They can be fixed or removable. Your dentist or orthodontist will recommend the most appropriate type for your child.

If the missing tooth or teeth are in the front of the mouth, you can request a space maintainer appliance to be fabricated with a false tooth or teeth attached to fill the space(s). Discuss the options with your dentist.

Spacers are not meant to move or shift any teeth, so there is usually no pain associated with them. Kids generally get used to them quickly.

If your child’s baby teeth come out early, talk to  us at Pediatric Dental Center.

Applying the sealants is quick and painless. At Pediatric Dental Center we offer preventative and restorative dentistry and have offices in Burlington, Cold Spring and Crestview Hills KY. Call us to schedule your child’s next checkup today!

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