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Kids grow up so fast! How many times have we all heard that? Our parents said it about us, we all say it about our kids, and our kids will say it about theirs. At Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington, we are privileged to provide dental care for your precious children, and proud of our legacy of dental excellence.

As a rule of thumb, pediatric dentists see their patients until they’re around eighteen. We have specialized training in young teeth, with a special focus on preventative care.

When the time comes to switch from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist, you’ll probably know without anyone having to tell you. It is one of those decisions that most parents come to naturally. But we can help by advising you.

It’s inevitable that children grow up, of course. At Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington, we understand that. We have offices in Burlington, Cold Spring and Crestview Hills KY. Our services include preventative dentistry and early dental care. It is our privilege to see our patients grow from kids into young adults. But it’s hard to forget how they were as youngsters.

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