Are You Getting Your Dose Of D?

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This message from Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington, Cold Spring, or Crestview Hills KY is about Vitamin D. It’s an important mineral for healthy teeth and bones. However, many of us fail to get adequate amounts.

Here is a sampling of Vitamin D findings:

“Several recent reports demonstrate a significant association between periodontal health and the intake of Vitamin D.” 1

“Researchers who took a second look at a series of clinical trials conducted on 2,000 children in several countries between the 1920s and 1980s determined Vitamin D — which we often garner from sunlight — was associated with around a 50 percent reduction in the incidence of tooth decay.”2

Sealants, brushing and flossing, a balanced diet, and twice-yearly Pediatric Dental Center dental visits are essential for pediatric dental health. At Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington, Cold Spring, or Crestview Hills KY, we specialize in pediatric dentistry and early dental care. Call us today for an appointment.


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1 SH Stein, DA Tipton, “Vitamin D and its impact on oral health–an update., Spring 2011, NIH,”, accessed on June 23, 2014
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