4 Reasons Why Healthy Baby Teeth Are Critical For Your Child’s Development

why are baby teeth so important? Burlington

Healthy baby teeth are important. Pediatric Dental Center is a leading pediatric dental practice serving the Greater Cincinnati area including Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Cincinnati. We have specialized in pediatric dentistry and are dedicated to making children’s visits to the dentist pleasant and comfortable.

You may not understand how important baby teeth are since they are destined to fall out. Many parents don’t brush them thoroughly. Some allow their child to drink sugary juice from a sippy cup all day. They figure that they will get serious about oral hygiene when their toddler’s permanent teeth come in.

Childhood tooth decay is so widespread that many in the medical community call it a public health crisis.

Why are healthy baby teeth important?

  1. Baby teeth keep the proper amount of space available for the permanent teeth that will come in later.
  2. Baby teeth are needed for normal speech development.
  3. Healthy baby teeth help your child eat a varied, nutritious diet. Decayed baby teeth make it hard to chew. This can cause your son or daughter to reject many different foods- especially high-nutrient raw vegetables.
  4. Cavities and infection can spread from baby teeth to permanent teeth as they develop below them. That’s not what you want for the teeth your child is going to have for the rest of their life.

Children’s dental health is very important to their overall health. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that a child’s first visit should take place as soon as the first tooth appears or by his/her first birthday. Please call us at the Pediatric Dental Center in Burlington today to schedule an appointment. Those toothy grins need to see a dentist soon!


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