When Something’s Gotta Give, Don’t Let It Be Your Child’s Oral Health

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Life is chaotic for many of us. There never seem to be enough hours in the day! Too many important things end up on the back burner, but at Pediatric Dental Center we remind you not to neglect dental care for your child.

Here are some common dental care shortcuts. Do any of them sound familiar?

Rushing Through Brushing

Your child’s teeth deserve at least two minutes of brushing, just like adult teeth. Slow and methodical is a good habit to establish during childhood. If they find it boring, playing one of their favorite two- or three-minute songs may help them go the distance.

Only Seeing The Dentist When There’s A Problem

Kids should have regular cleanings and checkups. Along with brushing after every meal, it’s the best way to maintain good dental health. Stay ahead of any problems. Prevention really is the best medicine!

Neglecting Professional Cleanings

When plaque turns to calculus, you can’t clean it away with a toothbrush. Six-month cleanings help get rid of the calculus or tartar before it can weaken enamel or irritate gums.

For most children, regular cleanings and checkups at Pediatric Dental Center is enough. We offer pediatric dentistry and early dental care, and have offices in Burlington, Newport, and Crestview Hills KY. Call us to schedule a checkup today!

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