What is an Orthodontic Pacifier?

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Pacifiers have been a blessing for countless parents. They can soothe crabby babies, and even ease them into sleep. Not all babies take to them, but some take to them very well, to the point where that beloved binky may pose an unexpected developmental threat. In this post from Pediatric Dental Center we share what we know about about pacifiers.

Pacifiers are inexpensive and you can find them in just about any grocery or drug store. They are usually made of latext and silicone. They used to contain BPA, which can be harmful to humans, but BPA has not been used in pacifiers since 1999.

New Teeth

The biggest concern to many parents is that pacifiers can lead to orthodontic problems. That doesn’t usually become an issue if the youngster can give up the pacifier by the age of two or three. But it’s common for little ones to be dependent on them, and giving one up can be really hard.

There are two basic shapes to pacifier nipples: rounded, and orthodontic. The orthodontic nipples are flat on the bottom and rounded on the top. The idea with these is that the shape doesn’t interfere as much with the baby’s growing mouth and teeth, because of how they conform to the tongue and roof of the mouth. Even so, it’s best for the child to give up the pacifier by the age of three.

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