Some Common Children’s Dental Issues

Your small children’s teeth are relatively new, but they can end up with some of the same dental issues as their parents and other adults. Parents’ quick responses to any developing symptoms will save time, money and any unnecessary pain.

Some dentists are specially trained to manage unique pediatric dental issues which include young and growing teeth and mouths. When you find a pediatric dentist you trust, you’re in luck as they can ensure that your children get the best treatments available while suffering the least amount of emotional and physical stress.

Here are some issues your pediatric dentist typically deals with:

Children’s tooth decay – is extremely ordinary children and is caused by the buildup of bacteria and plaque acids that degrade tooth enamel. Parents can help by enforcing strict diet and oral hygiene rules to help prevent decay.

Habitual thumb sucking – becomes a cause for concern if it persists after the development of a child’s permanent teeth. From this point, it could affect overall dental health. A pediatric dentist can work with your child to find a solution.

Pediatric gum disease – known as gingivitis, is inflammation of the gums that can evolve to bone deterioration and tooth loss. Gum disease is often caused by overall poor oral hygiene. Your pediatric dentist can help turn around these early stages of gum disease and put your child back on the path of good oral hygiene habits.

Kid’s bad breath – Potential sources of mouth odor can include poor dental hygiene, inflamed gums, and dry mouth from insufficient saliva or dehydration, but can also be related to medical issues.

A stubborn primary tooth – is a baby tooth that stays in its position stubbornly while a permanent adult tooth is trying to poke through into the same space. It is best to have a dentist assess whether there is impaction or a congenital abnormality.

Habitual tooth grinding – is very common during childhood development, but can do damage to both primary or adult teeth causing pain. Your child’s dentist can consider treating the problem with a custom night guard or another possible solution.


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