Mouthguards will Protect Your Child’s Smile

The weather is gorgeous and spring sports are in full swing. Equip your child with a properly fitted mouthguard as a way to protect his/her smile during sport’s activities. Mouthguards are most often used in contact sports such as football, hockey and lacrosse. Even in non-contact sports, a mouthguard will help prevent mouth and jaw injury. That’s because a mouthguard will cushion impact and hopefully prevent broken teeth, jaw injuries or cuts to the lip, tongue or face.

It is recommended that children wear a mouthguard for all sports. Due to the changing bite and different level of impact of each sport, a “water boil and bite” mouth guard designed specifically for your sport can be purchased. This is an inexpensive way to protect your child’s teeth and these mouthguards are easily replaced as the child grows or if the mouthguard is lost.