Early Dental Care: Building a Foundation for Your Child’s Oral Health

Get early pediatric dental care in Kentucky.At The Pediatric Dental Center, we believe that early dental care is essential for securing a healthy smile for your child’s future. Our children’s dental center in Burlington and Cold Spring, Kentucky, provides a fun and welcoming environment for your child’s dental visits. Our board-certified pediatric dentists are dedicated to offering personalized, high-quality care to meet each child’s unique needs.

Understanding Your Child’s Teeth

Your child’s teeth begin forming before birth, and their first primary teeth typically start to erupt around four months of age. The first teeth to appear are usually the lower central incisors, followed by the upper central incisors. While every child is unique, they generally follow a similar pattern of eruption. By the time your child finishes teething, you can expect to see around 20 baby teeth.

Our pediatric dentists will take excellent care of your child’s baby teeth, setting the stage for healthy adult teeth in the future. Regular visits to our dental center will help your child establish good oral hygiene habits and set them up for smile success.

Caring for Your Child’s Baby Teeth

Taking care of your child’s baby teeth is crucial for their dental development. Here are some tips to help ensure your child maintains healthy teeth:

  • Establish Good Brushing Habits: Help your child brush their teeth twice a day, starting as soon as they have teeth. Gentle flossing should begin when two teeth touch.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet: Encourage your child to eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive sugar intake.
  • Visit the Dentist: Schedule an appointment with our kid’s dentist by your child’s first birthday.
  • Avoid Saliva Sharing: Refrain from activities such as cleaning pacifiers with your mouth, sharing utensils, or kissing on the mouth.
  • Establish a Dental Home: Choose a dental provider for your child by 12 months of age.

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If you have any questions about your child’s dental health, feel free to contact us at The Pediatric Dental Center. Our compassionate and skilled dentists are here to support your child’s overall health and wellness.

We serve families from all over Northern Kentucky, including the communities of Florence, Hebron, Covington, Erlanger, and Independence. If you’re looking for a children’s dentistry center near you, The Pediatric Dental Center is the perfect choice.

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