Dental Sealants – Another Tool For Cavity Prevention

Regular brushing and flossing is essential for good dental health. But a  toothbrush can’t reach into every small groove and depression in your teeth, especially the really bumpy back teeth. That’s where sealants from Pediatric Denteal Center can be invaluable.

Dental sealants are a protective coating applied to the biting surfaces of the teeth. Think of them as an added layer of protection: they help to prevent cavities from forming. Studies have shown that using sealants can reduce the risk of tooth decay by nearly eighty percent!

Studies also bear out that kids without dental sealants have nearly three times as many cavities as those who do.

The dental sealant process if quick, painless, and straightforward. The teeth are first cleansed, and then the sealants are applied in liquid form. We use a special light to dry them.

Dental sealants can last for many years, and can be re-applied  if need be … We offer family and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

Dental sealants from Pediatric Dental Center can last for  years, and can be re-applied if need be. Our early dental care maintains healthy teeth and identifies any problems before they get serious. We specialize in pediatric dentistry and have offices in Burlington, Cold Spring and Crestview Hills KY. Schedule your child’s next checkup with us today!

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