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Babies usually get their first tooth between six months of age, and the time of their first birthday. This is a major milestone in their development. For one thing, it’s time to bring them in to Pediatric Dental Center for their very first dental checkup.

New parents are sometimes surprised to learn that tooth decay can actually begin with that first tooth. Infant oral care should actually begin even before the first tooth emerges. It doesn’t take much at that early stage. All you need to do is wipe out the inside of the mouth with a warm wet cloth.

Early Dental Care

At that first visit to the dentist, we can give you tips about the best ways to care for your baby’s teeth. The instructions will vary somewhat from baby to baby, but generally all you need to do with the first few teeth is gently brush them with a soft pediatric toothbrush. Toothpaste isn’t necessary at this point.

Another developmental milestone will come when there are two teeth right next to each other. It’s okay to floss before then, and can help get the baby used to it. Once teeth are touching it becomes more important, and for the same reason it’s important for adults to floss: food debris can accumulate between teeth, and brushing isn’t enough to remove it.

When kids are young, brushing teeth can be a family affair. It really helps when kids see that good dental health is important to you. That goes with regular checkups, too. At Pediatric Dental Center our early dental care maintains healthy teeth and gums, and identifies any problems before they get serious. We specialize in pediatric dentistry and have offices in Burlington, Cold Spring and Crestview Hills KY. Schedule your child’s next checkup with us today!

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