4 Myths About Baby Teeth That Every Parent Should Understand

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Seeing a baby’s first tooth come in is a major milestone: for the parents, and for the baby, too. With that first tooth come new responsibilities, and in this post from Pediatric Dental Center we’ll describe some common myths, along with things you need to know.

Myth #1 Baby Teeth Are Not Important

That fact is that a lifetime of good dental health begins with baby teeth. Known as the primary teeth, they are a critical part of every child’s development. They do the biting and chewing, of course, to say nothing of those wonderful smiles. But they are also like placeholders for the permanent teeth that come in later.

In fact, good dental health begins even before those teeth come in. Your infant’s toothless mouth should be gently and thoroughly cleaned every day with a warm wet cloth, especially after feedings.

Myth #2 Cavities in Baby Teeth Do Not Matter

Tooth decay can begin with the very first tooth, which usually come in between the first six to twelve months. There will be a full set around the age of three. You want them to stay free of decay. Cavities can be painful, and in some cases can even lead to infection.

Myth #3 You Don’t Need to Brush Baby Teeth

It’s up to mom and dad to do the brushing for kids at this age. There are lots of toddler-sized toothbrushes available at the store. You don’t need to use toothpaste at first; just be sure to remove every bit of food debris.

Myth #4 Kids Don’t Need to See a Dentist Until They are Older

Just like that first tooth, seeing the dentist for the first time is a milestone in growing up. We like to see kids as soon as their first tooth comes in. Early dental care is a preventative measure that helps to reduce the risk of cavities.

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